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Africa and its Diaspora's contribution to the world, in both ancient and modern times, cannot be underestimated. It’s rich and diverse culture, ancient civilisations and even modern day inventions have contributed substantially to the way we all live today.  It is the richest continent on earth with vast arable lands, reserves of minerals, oils and gases that we all some how benefit from. However, despite its vast wealth, Africa has the highest percentage of starving and displaced people in the world. African people, while grateful for the generous donations made via numerous charities each year, want nothing more than to be able to utilize the continent’s great wealth and become truly self-sufficient and no longer reliant on the now customary annual famine relief hand outs.


In a world where ‘Black Lives Matter’ has become a major focus of many countries in the first world, the current plight of Africans is often overlooked or not fully understood. As of June 2020 there are roughly 250 Million African people on the brink of starvation. This needs to be addressed in a new manor which the diaspora have not explored, which we plan to bring awareness to.
If you would like to contribute the new movement to build a better and self-sufficient Africa please contact us if you have a cause or project currently running in or for the proliferation of Africa so we can discuss further ways to push and broaden the new movement agenda.

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