About Us & Our Mission

Love Africa is a digital advertising and marketing agency, where we design marketing strategies, advertisements and advertising campaigns through digital and online avenues to grow your business and reach potential customer bases you may find difficult to reach yourself.

We are UK based but fondly work with businesses and clients overseas to help reach further audiences globally and in the UK also.

Our goal is to change the narrative in the media through digital advertising and marketing. Our Brand and ethos we work and stand by is "Inclusivity and diversity is the key".

We ensure to enforce our ethos in our advertising techniques, as we reach into a new era of understanding the importance of including all different types of people. We also understand not deciding to implement this strategy into a campaign and advertising techniques can be harmful towards ones brand, as 55% of social media users said they would "boycott" a brand that doesn't side with their values.

This is one of our goals to help ethnic minority businesses specifically, reach for higher heights, get to the the top and remain there. 

We use social media predominantly to advertise all different genres of brands and businesses, from restaurants to online classes to shoe stores, it is our job to ensure you have a healthy online presence that continues to grow and gain more awareness, which ultimately benefits your business.

We take pride in our work, that is why in our competitive approach we have ensured we are the most diverse team in mind, problem solving and skills. We have a unique stance in taking charge of changing the narrative as a proud black owned business.

If you feel our ethos familiarizes with what your business stands for or if you simply would like to see what change can do for your business, I implore you to contact us today and see how we can help you grow your business TODAY !

Love Africa is owned and operated by MVFM Limited.